April 29, 2022

Would you like to stand up while you work but are worried about the back, neck and foot pain that standing desks might cause? The truth is that a standing desk isn’t right for everyone. If you plan on working at your desk all day and have complications with your neck or lower back than it might be wise to consider another option

In this article, we will discuss 8 problems with a standing desk chair.

  1. Lack of proper back support: Newer studies have found that sitting at a standing desk may not be beneficial for your health. This is because you lack the proper back support needed to prevent back pain. Moreover, standing for long periods may even cause back pain.
  2. Poor range of motion: If you have certain disabilities, you may have problems to bend and stretch while working at your standing desk. With a sitting desk, as long as you are seated, this is not a problem, because your back is supported while doing so. This also means that if you stand up to reach something, there is a high risk of damaging your back and putting strain on it.
  3. Lack of weight control: While sitting down for prolonged periods burns calories like crazy, standing at a desk for prolonged periods will not help the same way. If you have a standing desk but do not use an exercise ball or a treadmill, you are most likely not burning enough calories to lose weight.
  4. Too little movement: Many people make the mistake of being inactive while working at their standing desk. They believe that they will still be able to burn calories while just standing, but this is rarely true. If you want to stand-up at your desk, purchase a treadmill or exercise ball so that you can still burn calories while doing so.
  5. Unhealthy: Standing desks encourage slouched shoulders and bad posture when working at them. Also, the constant transition of going from sitting to standing can lead to muscle strains and back pain issues in more experienced users. Additionally, it is natural to want to constantly move around and fidget when standing. This could lead to additional health issues such as weight problems.
  6. Uncomfortable: If you’re not very experienced with standing desks, you may find that it is very uncomfortable especially after long periods of time. You have to be careful not to stand for too long because it can lead to back pain and leg fatigue among other things.
  7. Lack of alternative workstations: Some people have jobs that require them to be on the move throughout the day such as nurses or firefighters etc. For example, firefighters who work in confined spaces in firehouses may find that standing desk do not provide enough space for them to get around their jobs.
  8. Lack of changes: Sitting all day may cause you to develop muscle pains, allergies and other health problems. Standing at your desk all day will probably do the same. Standing desks have to be made with a lot of changeability so that you can adjust them and perform better while working at them. For example, if your chair isn’t tall enough for you, then it will probably be very uncomfortable as well as awkward to move around on.
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In conclusion, we can see that standing desks are not as great of a choice as sitting desks. They don’t provide the same amount of health benefits and are generally uncomfortable. They also lack the variety that sitting desks have. So if you’re interested in standing up while you work at a desk but are having trouble making it work, then sitting at your desk all day might be the better choice for you.


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