Custom Corrugated Boxes
August 13, 2021

Why Are Shipping Boxes Important?

When it comes to shipping your products, it sometimes becomes hectic for many brands. It is so because you have to keep a track of different things at the same time. Shipping is important because now customers do not want to step out and they can get everything at their doorstep When we deliver custom corrugated boxes . Since it can be done by just paying a few extra bucks.

Now, he would want to enjoy Netflix rather than stepping out and wasting half of his day looking for a product.

Whether you are using custom corrugated boxes or any other boxes in order to send something to your customers, you need a perfect sight of what your customer requires from you. Taking complete care of your shipping boxes is important. Not only does it help your customer to receive the product that he would have received from any store.

In other words, you should pack it so nicely that he does not have to go anywhere else, and he can feel that retail store purchase when he receives your box. Nothing should go wrong, and in order to avoid any mistake, make sure to use ultimate corrugated boxes to pack.

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In today’s blog, you will learn some techniques to help you pack the products for your customers.

How To Increase Trust With Custom corrugated boxes Packaging?

People are willing to leave any random brand and stick to you if you give them what they want. Interestingly, you would not have to do much if you are an e-commerce business, but you only need to pack your products right, ship them correctly and keep the premium quality.

Here are some tips for packing your product with love

Custom Corrugated Boxes

Enhance Safety With Inserts

Proper cushioning is required for any product unless you are selling straight metal (which is not the case most of the time). But, even if you think that your products are not that fragile that they will break with any jerk, you should always be that protective boyfriend for them. That boyfriend does not leave any chances behind for any guy to make a move on his girl.

You have to play the same role and fill your boxes with proper cushioning of inserts such as foam, cardboard, blisters and more. These things will fill out the gap in between the corrugated shipping boxes. Also, make them completely filled with only your products and inserts.

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In this way, your products will not get affected in any way by those jerks during the placement. Moreover, they will be safe as long as the shipping boxes do no break open. Similarly, it is also recommended for fragile products to use foam or blisters. These custom boxes allow you to have a fully free hand over the packaging. Also you can easily make any changes in the structure or layout to give them the look you desire.

Consequently, you will receive really positive feedback from your customer and even more permanent customers. With that being said, you can know that having permanent clients isn’t a piece of cake. So you need to work really hard for it. Therefore, make the most out of this opportunity and offer an eye-opening unboxing experience along with the proper security of their products.

Wrap Items Individually

When you are selling bulk items, make sure to wrap them individually that they do not affect each other . In this way, you can avoid any harm to the products or the boxes and make the process smoother.

Likewise, it doesn’t mean that you have to get individual corrugated boxes for every product you pack. But it is more like making individual sections inside the packaging and make them unbreakable.

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For instance, you can have an individual fence and make an interesting pattern inside the boxes and export your stuff with safety. Moreover, you can also play with props for within the boxes. You can use crape paper, stickers, freebies and so much more just to entice your customers and make their purchase worthy.

A Perfect Tape For A Perfect Finishing

One of the best ways to increase the safety of your boxes is that you choose tape. However, the tape must be made of the finest material and has the perfect adhesiveness. It should not break open until the product has reached its final destination.

In this way, you will have a perfect value of trust with the customer, and he would love to purchase from you again. Furthermore, not only will the customer love the services but will also help validate the purchase. It is so because the effort put into making the boxes will be clearly visible and we can all expect a heart-warming response. So put in the effort to make your boxes look outstanding and appealing.

Some Pro Tips

Deliver Before Time

Another great technique to gain more attention and loyalty from the customer is to deliver on time. It is a pro tip for the brands out there who are willing to leave a better mark on their brand.

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Imagine getting something unexpectedly? The same happens with the person when he gets something before the estimated time.

Leave A Cute Note Inside The Custom Corrugated Boxes

This is the advice that you will get from any lucrative brand. They do everything and anything to make their customers satisfied. Successful brands care about feelings. They care for anything their customer will experience with their product.

Also, there is only a single way of success. You only have to make your customized boxes that customer satisfied with your product. It might seem simple, but it requires much effort.

Leaving a note inside the packaging would not charge you even a more dollar, but only two to three minutes to write it and leave it. This can create a huge impression on your customers, and they can be happier to receive this product. As a result, you’ll get some long term commitments.

Custom Corrugated Boxes

Leave An Address Label With Entire Information

Lastly, you need to put an address label over the custom printed corrugated boxes and one inside the box to provide your customer with valid information. Yes, sending an email is also required, but you should also use a physical label. It is so because in order to look professional and keep your products safe.

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Conclusion Custom Corrugated Boxes

The more effort you put into perfecting your boxes, the more there are chances to enhance your brand impression over the customer. Moreover, it is best to curate the most efficient packaging in ways that enthrall and impress your prospects by all means. So, make sure to get those perfect custom corrugated boxes and leave a better mark on your customers.

Order Now!

If you have made your mind to make the purchase, then make sure to get your corrugated boxes from CUSTOM CARDBOARD PACKAGING because we provide wholesale rates. So, order now and start packing with safety and style and make your customers satisfied!



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