June 6, 2022

6 Actionable Tips To Boost Your PPC Performance Today


It’s not simple to run an effective PPC campaign. Just ask any PPC manager you’re familiar with!


It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when there are so many options available and so much information at your fingertips.


It might be challenging to locate significant pieces of knowledge to improve your PPC campaigns once you’ve mastered the PPC basics. There isn’t a lot of stuff out there about lesser-known techniques and tactics.


Probably because a lot of bosses wish to keep them hidden! An MBA in Digital Marketing will help you learn all the ins and outs of PPC advertising as well as other digital marketing techniques.


Top 6 Tips To Boost Your PPC Performance

  1. Demographics Targeting & Reporting

Many marketers are possibly losing out on a new increase of the targeting and reporting feature inside the demographics part of Google Ads. This area enables businesses to look into any prospective visitor trends and not only optimize based on the data (thereby increasing ROI) but also modify future marketing efforts (both offline and online). An online course in Google Ads will help you understand these concepts further.


Predictions regarding individuals interested in services are all well and good, but there’s always the risk that connections and niches may emerge that haven’t been addressed. This data aids in filling that void and improving your PPC advertising.

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  1. Utilise Pay Per Conversion In Your PPC Campaigns


Google recently introduced a new feature called “Pay Per Conversion,” which makes it easier to generate sales from display ads. You just select a target for the cost per sale. Then send your ad materials to Google.


Sales will be delivered through Google. And the best part is that you only pay when they convert. You’ll never have to pay more than your CPA rate. It’s a breakthrough that gives performance marketers a lot of options. People who have a defined charge for delivering sales (or leads).


3. Dark Posting on Facebook Ads


If you want to get the most out of your Paid Social advertisements on Facebook or Instagram, I strongly advise Dark Posting. The act of utilizing the same ad ID across many campaigns and ad sets is known as “dark posting.”


The Dark Posting method is fantastic because it helps you to generate viral social value in the form of likes, comments, and shares for your advertising.


And the engagement received by their network is free if someone tags a friend or shares your ad. With this form of social engagement, I’ve seen customers achieve a 20% increase in traffic from their ad spend, and there’s no reason you can’t do the same with your PPC ads.

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When you replicate an ad across many ad sets on Facebook, the platform often creates a new ad (and ad id) for each duplicate — this decreases your chances of a post going viral.


4. Keep An Eye Out For Long-Tail Keywords


Long-tail keywords are frequently less expensive and have less competition.


Many users have gone away from adequately investigating and acting on the data within their account, which I frequently observe in accounts we take over.


As a result, long-tail keywords frequently still have a lot of value and a lot less competition. So, don’t forget about the “old methods,” and make sure your PPC ads are built to succeed!


5. Search Attribution Reporting

The search attribution report is a feature in Google Ads that is sometimes overlooked (under the measurements menu). It’s critical to understand how users convert on your website by tracking their pre-conversion touchpoints.


The “top pathways” report, which indicates the keyword path a visitor follows based on impressions and clicks, is a wonderful attribution report. This will help you to examine how keywords affect the overall effectiveness of your campaign. If a term looks to have a low conversion rate, take a minute to review this report before eliminating it. That keyword might be the initial step for more conversions down the road.

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If you are too fast in eliminating terms like these, it may have a detrimental influence on your company strategy and specialty.


6. Embrace the Automation

Manual CPC bidding techniques used to be the most effective way to optimize an account, but in most circumstances, Google’s automated strategies are the most effective approach to expand and regulate the bidding.


They used to be thought of as the most inefficient or impure methods of managing Google Ads, but the technology underlying them has dramatically improved.


Automated tactics are the finest alternative when combined with good strategic management, realistic aims, and enticing products.


To Conclude,

A successful PPC campaign is frequently measured by its total profitability. If a campaign is lucrative, it is a successful campaign. The higher the profit, the better!


Even after weeks or months of improvements, bad campaigns frequently underperform and never make a profit. Knowing when and how to optimize a PPC campaign is crucial.


Author’s Bio


Karan Shah

Founder and CEO at IIDE

Karan Shah is an Edu-preneur, Tedx speaker, Harvard alumnus specializing in eCommerce, and the founder of IIDE – The Digital School.

He is a reputed author on the topics of education, digital marketing, and Ed-techs. Over the years he has penned a plethora of articles in leading news outlets such as Entrepreneur, BusinessWorld, Education Times, and Youth Magazine to name a few.

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