July 16, 2021

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The tobacco industry is constantly reinventing itself to meet customer needs by offering various unique smoking experiences. One significant milestone in the evolution of the billion-dollar industry is the rise of smoke shops.


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The high demand for tobacco products creates a lucrative opportunity for smoke shop distributors. Below are some benefits of being a smoke shop distributor.

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  1. A Wide Market


Distributors are the backbone of any supply chain because they link manufacturers to their target markets by facilitating logistics. The model is no different for smoke shop distributors in the tobacco industry as they form an extensive supply net for tobacco products.


Just as a smoke wholesaler’s operating license dictates that they only sell to retail smoke shops, smoke shop retailers are prohibited from selling to resellers. Therefore, wholesalers and retailers dealing in smoke products have legally defined target markets and cannot sell beyond their stipulated markets.


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In contrast, smoke shop distributors can sell tobacco products and accessories directly to wholesalers and retailers. However, the law also prohibits them from selling tobacco products directly to individual consumers. Regardless, smoke shop distributors have an advantage over other vendors in the smoke shop supply chain because they can target both market segments.

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As a smoke shop distributor, you stand to profit from wholesalers and retailers when you establish good working relationships with them. However, note that different states may have additional rules and regulations for obtaining a smoke shop distributor license.

  1. Good Profit Margins


According to global business statistics, the global tobacco net industry was worth $760 billion in 2020. The staggering figures suggest that there is room for making a significant profit as a smoke shop distributor. Smoke shop distributors negotiate their remuneration terms with the specific tobacco products’ manufacturers whose products they carry. However, the most common form of remuneration for smoke shop distributors is markup profits.


The distributors accrue costs like fuel costs, labor, and storage costs, and in some cases, promotional costs as part of their cost of goods sold (COGS). They, in turn, transfer these costs to the final consumer as a fraction of the selling price. Therefore, a smoke shop’s profit or revenue margin is the margin between the COGS and the prevailing market prices for specific smoke products.


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Being a smoke shop distributor, you can establish ways to minimize your COGS and increase your revenue margin from the products you distribute. Moreover, making lucrative deals with large smoke shop wholesalers and retailers can earn you maximum profit with minimal effort.

Alternatively, some smoke shop distributors opt for compensation via commission, whereby they fulfill the orders for smoke products made to the manufacturer. Therefore, if you do not have a fully established distribution channel in a given territory, you can still earn commission income as a smoke shop distributor.

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  1. Allows for Specialization

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Distributors’ code of ethics dictates that they cannot operate under a conflict of interest by distributing competing products from different manufacturers. Therefore, distributors function as exclusive logistical partners for specific manufacturers. However, they can distribute non-competing smoke products by other manufacturers.


Although the non-compete rule seems somewhat limiting, it allows for specialization. As a smoke shop distributor, exclusivity will enable you to examine and learn all the manufacturer’s products thoroughly. The expert knowledge puts you in a unique position to pitch the brand and its products to potential wholesale and retail smoke shops.


Moreover, interacting with smoke shop wholesalers and retailers gives you first-hand insight into the final consumer’s interaction with the product. Therefore, you can negotiate with the manufacturer and earn a commission in return for marketing insights and play a significant role in creating new tobacco and smoke products.

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  1. Adept Knowledge of The Tobacco Industry


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Smoke shop distributors interact with everyone in the tobacco industry’s supply chain. Therefore, besides acquiring expert knowledge on their product line, they can also easily keep up with emerging trends in the tobacco market.


The emerging trends may present opportunities for the distributor to acquire new product lines to distribute. Note that smoke shops are gradually expanding to include vape products; vape products are pretty diverse. That means the opportunities to grow your portfolio and diversify your income stream as a smoke shop distributor are endless. Diversification is important because once you terminate your contract with a specific manufacturer, they own the goodwill you created for their brand in the supply chain.


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  1. Face Fewer Bottlenecks Compared to Others in The Tobacco Supply Chain

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Given the bad rep that tobacco has among various classes of society, smoke product manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers often face unfriendly regulations. For starters, fluctuating high taxes and hostile legislation feature prominently among their woes. However, although license requirements vary in various states, distributors follow a shorter process than other smoke product stakeholders. They also face less scrutiny by regulatory bodies.



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Smoke shop distribution is a lucrative business to venture into in the tobacco industry. This guide presents the top benefits to enjoy as a distributor. You just want to pay attention to your distribution agreement with manufacturers to avoid getting a raw deal.


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